Electric Assist

USD $38.59
$35 - 2 Hours
$45 - Half Day
$55 - Full Day
Equipment may be rented for up to 14 days. 

The e-Katu by Orbea is uniquely universal. One size fits most.  With
electric assist, it will give you just the extra push you need,
depending on your own pedaling power.

California law requires: 

Riders of electric bikes to be 16 years of age or older.  Also, riders of ALL ages must where a helmet when riding an electric bike.                                   

We have nine electric bikes available in our fleet.

Range of battery (based on a fully charged battery) is dependent on which setting you use:

-Eco: 44 - 53 miles (70 - 85 km)

-Normal: 25 - 34 miles (40 - 55 km)

-Boost: 16 - 19 miles (25 - 30 km)

Select a start date and the number of bikes. After confirming availability, please specify your desired pick up and drop off times.  ALL RESERVATIONS WILL BE CHARGED A NON-REFUNDABLE FEE BASED ON A TWO HOUR RENTAL. If you ride beyond two hours you will pay the difference at our shop upon returning the equipment. Your reservation is guaranteed up until your selected drop off time. 

24 hour advanced reservation required. 
Rentals available for pick up between: 7am - 6pm Monday - Friday & 8am - 10am Sat - Sun.
Reservations will only be held for up to one hour past the scheduled pick up time, after which your rental will become available to the public. 

Be prepared to provide a Credit Card for a mandatory pre-authorization of $500 per bike at the time you come to pick up your rental. 

-Helmet required for any rider under 21 years of age 

-Lock and riding map included with each rental

-2 hour minimum rental time

-Full day rentals are due back same day by closing time. Multi-day rates are available upon request. 

-Must sign a release contract to rent; ride at your own risk.
-Manufacturer’s weight limit applies to all equipment.

-Must be 16 years old to rent or come with parent/guardian to sign for you at time of rental.